Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Collection 2000 Glam Crystals - Swatches and review

Good morning, afternoon, evening, and perhaps goodnight, everybody. Today I shall be talking about glitter, more so glitter liners.

I have not blogged properly since April, because I am an extremely lazy creature and hate English and writing with a passion! I also tried to do something worth while everyday during summer and now I'm in my Leaving Cert year I need to spend all my spare time on Facebook rather than blogging!
I decided to do this review today, not only to rave about these Collection 2000 glitter liners, but also to avoid some much needed Christmas break study.

All six liners in this post are Collection 2000 'Glam Crystals' Dazzling Gel Liners and no I have not been sponsored to do this blog. Santa was in Boots a few weeks before Christmas, saw the Collection 2000 '3 for 2' sale and very generously bought me the entire glitter liner range that my local Boots had to offer. According to the Collection 2000 website there are 14 liners in the range so owning one off of half the range is not bad at all.
Check out the entire range on their site here!
I would link you to buy them on Boots also, but they seem to be upgrading their site at the moment so here's a link to Superdrug
They range between £3 - £4 or under €5, I can't remember. 

I've only just noticed the numbers above they are in the wrong order to both the picture before this and the picture after. My OCD senses are tingling...

So as you can see we have 6 liners, ranging in colour from neutrals to brights, but they differ in consistancy somewhat. (In order from L to R) Hustle, Funk, Dig It!, Shake It Up!, Dancing Queen and Le Freak.
I've worn Hustle(bluey silver), Funk(gold) and Le Freak(green) over similar coloured eyeshadows and they last really well. Once they dry they do not move unless, of course, you rub/scratch your eye!

Le Freak over Inglot's lime green D.S eyeshadow 477(left)
Funk over Urban Decay's 'Half Baked' (right)

Hustle over Urban Decays 'Gunmetal'

The only problem/ warning I have is that Le Freak leaves a turquiose/green stain behind when removed, whether you use a base and or eyeshadow beforehand or wear it alone. I find I need an oil based eye makeup remover to fully remove the stain, rather than say a baby/face wipe which just removes the glitter.

I prefer glitter liners (especially ones of such good quality) to glitter pigment because there is no fallout. No worrying about glitter all over your face, nothing. They also have never creased on me and I have quite hooded lids. Just use your head and stop at/just below your crease.
When removing the liner I use a cotton pad soaked in bi-phase eye makeup remover (oil and water mix), hold it onto my eye, pressing lightly, then try to remove all the glitter in one sweep so I don't spread it about my face.

Anyway, back to pretty pictures!
Hustle, Funk and Dig It!

Hustle: In the tube - looks silver
           Actual colour - silver, grey and blue glitter with a sheer grey/blue base
           Consistency - quite opaque, buildable, fine and chunkier glitter

Funk: In the tube - looks gold
         Actual colour - gold with some silver glitter with a clear base
         Consistency - sheer, buildable, fine glitter

Dig It!: In the tube - looks black and green
           Actual colour - black and gold glitter with a clear base
           Consistency - quite opaque, buildable, fine and chunkier glitter

Shake It Up!, Dancing Queen, Le Freak

Shake It Up!: In the tube - looks purple with rainbow sparkles
                     Actual colour - purple glitter with clear base and a small amount of holographic glitter 
                                                                                                 (cause of the rainbow effect I'm seeing)
                     Consistency - sheer, buildable, fine glitter

Dancing Queen: In the tube - looks hot pink, silver and rainbow-y
                        Actual colour - hot pink glitter with greeny purpley yellow glitter on a sheer pink base
                        Consistency - opaque, buildable, fine and chunkier glitter

Le Freak: In the tube - neon bluey green
               Actual colour - lime green glitter with some blue glitter on an opaque greeny base 
               Consistency - opaque, buildable, fine glitter 

Pros: East to use, quick drying, won't budge, cheap
Cons: The purple would look amazing with a sheer purple base

What they look like over similarly coloured eyeshadows

(eyeshadows L-R)
front cover silver, Urban Decay Gunmental, UD Half Baked, then from the black to the blue are all Inglot.
Inglot 63, AMC Shine 22,  AMC 50, 63 again, D.S 477, Matte 322.

Long story short, I like glitter, I like these liners, if you like glitter too and want these? GO BUY THEM!
Thanks :D


  1. Really informative, don't think they're my type of product but enjoyed reading the post all the same!
    Hello btw, nice to meet a fellow country woman! xx

  2. I love these, especially the gold one :) xx