Monday, June 15, 2015

So, I want to blog now...

Hello, good evening and welcome to my somewhat desolate blog that time has long forgot. 

With the 'About Me' section in clear view, at the time of posting, I shan't introduce myself. However I will introduce my blog and what I hope to do with it. Both this post and the idea the post is centered around have been a long time coming. If you take an embarrassingly short scroll down to the bottom of the page you will notice that 1: I have posted here before, 2: not as frequently as I would have hoped and, more often than not, 3: it has been a direct youtube link with no content. But* this is all going to change.

I imagine a time where my blog will be more aesthetically pleasing than in its current state. I dream of a time where my blog will be so efficient I will have posts scheduled into next week. I yearn for a time where my blog is hounded by friends and strangers alike if I happen to skip a post or take a short break. As for now I, more realistically, wish for the willpower to post almost as regularly as on my youtube channel. 

My posts will hopefully either accompany youtube videos, add extra information, product details, further thoughts on things, or be entirely separate entities with no correlation. There will be no rhyme or reason for some topics or thoughts but I anticipate* you'll enjoy them all the same. 

Well that's all I have to say for now, just a short introduction to my already years old blog that has been waiting for the day I return.

I should be back within the week with another post and if not sure at least I tried... 

*A primary school teacher once told me "you shouldn't start sentences with 'but' or 'because'". She didn't give me a 'because', nor would she listen to my 'but's when questioning her logic. I'm not sure why this seemingly imperative rule has stuck by me but I'm sure nobody will mind me adding a few minor grammatical errors to my post. After all, blogs are supposed to be personal and contain your essence and apparently neither I, nor my blog, are perfect.

*see: really, really, really hope and pray 

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